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Tourist Attractions in Kannur District

Friday, September 23, 2016

MRIDANGA SAILESWARI TEMPLE / മൃദംഗ ശൈലേശ്വരി ക്ഷേത്രം


Muzhakkunnu Mridanga shaileswary Temple is one of the most famous Devi (DURGA) temples in Kerala. The lady form of KADHAKALI originated from Muzhakkunnu by Kottayam rajavu. This temple is believed to be the family temple of Veera Pazassirajah. By rail, one can reach the temple either via Kannur or Thalasserry railway station. From Muzhakannu, only road travel is available.

Mridanga Saileswari Temple, situated in Kannur, a land of Theyyam and Thira glorifying the cultural pomp and tradition of Kerala, is believed to belong to the series of 108 Durga Temples set up by Saint Parasuraman.

News Paper article on Muzhakkunnu Mridanga shaileswary Temple.
Mridanga Saileswari Devi is renowned to shower her blessings to all those who pray earnestly before her, lighting the ghee lamp. The diety, Goddess Durga is omnipotent, easy to please, demolisher of evils and foes, and is celebrated as one who grants all the wishes of devotees instantly!

The temple nomenclature revolves round Mridanga, acclaimed to be the mother of all musical instruments, originated in Devaloga or heaven. Devi is presumed to have originated in the form of Mridanga and the reverberation of her voice provided the name Muzhakkunnu, the hill that echoes. MridangaSailam stands for the drum hill and the Goddess seemed to have appeared on the south eastern premises of the temple. Lord Parasurama captivated the essence of Devi into an idol and founded the temple in MridangaSailam or Muzhakkunnu.

It is worth mentioning that Kathakali took shape here in this temple premises by the acclaimed king of Kottayam Thampuran, who got influenced by the Ramanattam of KottarakkaraThampuran. Kottayam Thampuran penned the texts of Bakavadham, Kirmeeravadham, KalyanaSaugandhikam and Nirathakavachakalakeyavadham in this temple.

Malabar Kottayam King pazhassi
Rajas idol at Muzhakunnu Sree
Mridanga saileswari temple
The first lines of Kathakali seeking God’s blessings, speak out the relevance and fame of Mridanga Saileswari and echoes all through the world! A popular myth related to Kathakali, prevailing here is that when Thampuran could not properly visualise the ‘lady figure’ in Kathakali, he meditated for a while. The Goddess appeared in the temple pond, exhibited a lady form and till now without a change, this feminine attire is employed in Kathakali. The clan diety of Kerala Lion Veera Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja, Goddess Porkkali stays in trio-state here-that of Saraswathy, the goddess of education, Lakshmi-the goddess of plenty and Kali-the evil destroyer Goddess. In whatever form we appeal to her, Devi appears is in the same shape and structure! The name Porkkali came into existence as sacrifice was offered to Devi by kings before setting out for warfares. This was the custom of all Purali kings as the Goddess was their family diety as expressed in black and white in ‘KokilaSandesham’. The sacrifice and the trance experience happened in the cave temple situated west of the main shrine. ‘Kali’ or blessings for ‘Por’ or war later contributed a new title to Devi as Porkali. The Guha temple believed to be the pivot of all Porkkali temples of South India is now no more, just the remnants remain. We all must anew take pledge on behalf of the Goddess and dedicate ourselves for the renovation of the temple and reconstruction of the Guha temple bringing back its past pomp and glory, lifting it to the forefront to be acclaimed as the best temple of the world. Let us take this as our mission, as it is the need of the times and surrender ourselves for its fruitful enactment!

Seva List / Offering list/ Vazhipaad of Mridanga Saileshweri Temple, 

Mridanga Saileswari Temple Pond
Nearest Airport
The nearest airports are Kozhikode and Mangalore. Upcoming Kannur International Airport is just 15 km away.

Nearest Railway Station 
►Kannur Railway Station
►Thalassery Railway Station

Nearest Bus Stand
Frequent buses are available from Koothuparamba , Iritty and  Mattannur Bus Stand.

Nearest Temples
►Thodeekalam Siva Temple
► Kottiyoor Siva Temple

By Road
It is 44 km from both Thalassery and Kannur, and 55 km from Thaliparambu.

Bus to Mridanga Sailwshweri temple from Iritty.
The route from Thalasserry goes through Koothuparanba towards Mattanur- take a right turn at Uruvachal junction, about 4 km before Mattanur. A ride of 14 km through this road via Thillankerry will take you to Muzhakunnu. The temple is about 200 meters away.

From Kannur move to Mattanur from here to Uliyil ( about 9 km). From Uliyil town take a right turn to reach Thillankerry, and then to Muzhakunnu town.

From Taliparamba go towards to iritty via Sreekandapuram  after iritty town left turn from Pazhanjeri mukk Bus stop towards peravaoor - Nedumpoil Road and after 7kms from kakkayangad town take left turn towards uruvachal road. The temple is about 2.7 kms away.

ഇരിട്ടിയിൽ നിന്ന്.. കാക്കയങ്ങാടിൽ നിന്ന്.. തലശ്ശേരിയില്‍ നിന്ന്...
From Iritty From kakkayangad From Thalassery
7.25 KSRTC 
6.40 KSRTC  7.10 KSRTC
8.20 Avanthika 6.45 Aiswarya  9.15 Kavya
8.35 Shruthy 7.00 Harisree  9.40 Shreyas
9.15 Harikrishna 7.15 Kavya 10.20 Avanthika
9.30 Nandanam  7.25 KSRTC 11.15 KSRTC
10.00 Peralassery 7.35 Shreyas  12.40 KSRTC 
10.30 Lakshmipriya  7.40 KSRTC  3.20 Avanthika
11.00 Gurusannidhi 7.50 Visaka 4.40 Shreyas
11.30 Aiswarya  8.05 Lakshmipriya  6.15 Kavya
11.45 Kavya 8.35 Palazhi ഉരുവച്ചാലിൽ നിന്ന്..
12.25 Shreyas 8.45 Avanthika From Uruvachal
12.40 Kerala  9.00 Shruthy 7.15 Avanthika
1.05 Lakshmipriya  9.45 Harikrishna 7.40 Harikrishna
1.30 KSRTC  10.00 Nandanam  8.00 KSRTC
1.45 Nandanam  10.30 Peralassery 8.30 Peralassery
2.00 Palazhi 10.55 Lakshmipriya  9.15 Gurusannidhi
2.20 Aiswarya  11.25 Gurusannidhi 10.15 Kavya
2.55 Harikrishna  11.55 Aiswarya  10.50 Shreyas
3.20 KSRTC  12.10 Kavya 11.20 Avanthika
3.45 KSRTC  12.55 Shreyas 12.15 KSRTC
4.00 Shreyas  1.05 Kerala  12.45 Visaga
4.20 Lakshmipriya  1.35 Lakshmipriya  1.45 KSRTC
4.35 Peralassery  2.00 KSRTC  2.15 Gurusannidhi
4.55 KSRTC 2.15 Nandanam  2.50 Peralasery
5.05 KSRTC  2.30 Palazhi 3.45 KSRTC
5.20 KSRTC  2.45 Aiswarya  4.15 Avanthika
5.35 Aiswarya  3.00 Visaka  5.10 Gurusannidhi
5.50 Avanthika 3.15 Harikrishna 5.50 Shreyas
6.00 Kerala  3.30 Gurusannidhi  6.45 Visaga
6.15 Palazhi 3.50 KSRTC  7.15 Kavya
6.45 Gurusannidhi  4.05 KSRTC  മട്ടന്നൂരില്‍ നിന്ന്..
7.00 KSRTC  4.20 Shreyas  From Mattannur....
7.10 Lakshmipriya 4.45 Lakshmipriya  7.00 Kerala
8.05 KSRTC  5.00 Peralassery  7.45 Nandanam
8.25 KSRTC 5.10 KSRTC 9.00 LakshmiPriya
കൂത്തുപറമ്പിൽ നിന്ന് 5.20 KSRTC  9.35 Palazhi
From Koothuparamba 5.35 KSRTC  10.05 Aiswarya
7.40 KSRTC 5.55 Aiswarya  11.40 Lakshmipriya
8.10 Peralassery 6.10 Avanthika 11.50 Nandanam
9.00 Gurusannidhi 6.20 Kerala  12.50 Aiswarya
9.55 Kavya 6.35 Palazhi 1.25 Harikrishna
10.25 Shreyas 7.05 Gurusannidhi  2.20 Kerala
11.00 Avanthika 7.15 KSRTC  2.55 Lakshmipriya
11.50 KSRTC 7.35 Lakshmipriya 3.50 Aiswarya 
12.25 Visaga 8.20 KSRTC  4.40 Palazhi
1.20 KSRTC 8.45 KSRTC 5.05 KSRTC
1.50 Gurusannidhi 5.45 Lakshmipriya 
2.30 Peralasery 6.15 Harisree
3.20 KSRTC 6.45 KSRTC
4.00 Avanthika 7.15 Aiswarya 
4.50 Gurusannidhi 8.00 Kerala
5.20 Shreyas
6.20 Visaga
6.55 Kavya

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