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Tourist Attractions in Kannur District

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Payyambalam Beach, Kannur

Payyambalam Beach, Kannur

Payyambalam Beach is one of the beautiful beaches in Kannur. 2km from kannur town. Payyambalam Beach attracts tourist people because of its beauty. Most of the old Great people like EK Nayanar , Ramakrishna Pilla , Sukumar azhikods menorials are here.
The beach also offers opportunities to enjoy water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, swimming and snorkelling.

Reach Payyambalam Beach: 
Nearest railway station: Kannur Railway Station is about 2 km
Nearest airport: Karipur International Airport is about 95 km to the South
Nearest Bus Terminal : KK Bus Terminal Kannur

Friday, October 12, 2012

Kannur (Cannanore) കണ്ണൂര്‍

Kannur (Cannanore) കണ്ണൂര്‍  One of the 6 Districts in Malabar. Kannur District Is surrounded by Kozhikode, Kasargod, Wayanad and Kodagu District of Karnataka. Kannur is the most urbanised District in Malabar with more than 50% of its residents living in urban areas.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Mahe Part of Pondichery Union territory is a 9 kms small town situated in Malabar Covered by Kannur District and some part by Kozhikode District.

Mahe Transport Co.Op Society Bus.

Mahe Bridge, Entrance To Mahe town. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sree Peralassery Temple

Sree Peralassery Temple Pond
 Peralassery Subrahmanya Swami Temple, located at Mundalur, a 14 kms short ride from kannur, on kuttuparamba road.

Its one of the famous subramanya temple in malabar. Main offerings at this temple are Mutta Oppikal (offering hens eggs to snake deity ) and Sarpabhali.

Its believed that lord Sri rama has visited this place while he was going through in search of Sita.
The main deity of the temple is lord Subrahmanya, but this temple also has deity of lord Sriram, lord Ayyappan and lord Ganapathy.

The Annual festival (Kodiyettam) is celebrated in the month of December (Malayala Masam Dhanu,ധനു  )

The Pond of Peralassery temple is famous for its beautiful structure and it is the biggest among all ponds present in any temple, in kerala.